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Aryakhand Tv app

Aryakhand TV – An exclusive app for Short films and Bollywood Movies

Aryakhand TV: An OTT platform is over-the-top platform that displays videos, films and television shows for users using the Internet. To watch this, the audience will have to install it from google playstore and take a subscription to it.


While people need a cable TV connection or DTH connection to watch TV shows and movies or any of the favourite programs, people can now watch their favourite shows on the Aryakhand TV app on devices like smart TVs, smart phones and tablets only using internet connectivity whenever & wherever they want.

If you don’t want to spend time and money going to a theater to watch fun and entertaining movies, then you have come to the right place. Aryakhand TV  is your one stop destination for original and award winning Short Films, Web Series & Bollywood Movies. It is also a platform for upcoming and creative filmmakers. You can now watch Short Film, Web Series & Bollywood Movies anytime, anywhere for free and on the go. If you are wondering what to do in tiny breaks during your work, pick up your phone and watch some of best and original Short Films, Web Series & Bollywood Movies. To make your movie-watching experience even easier, Aryakhand TV  also provide you short descriptions for the movies and categorization based on the genres like Vedic culture,  patriotism, films on Indian revolutionaries, love Eternal, romance, horror, comedy, thriller, action. With more and more amazing  Short Films, Web Series  & Bollywood Movies, you will not run out of films. Aryakhand TV connecting those who are creative in hands, passionate in heads, and filmmakers in heart.

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